Secret Three Mobile SIM offers big data at a ludicrously low price but the deal ends soon

Three Mobile is no stranger to shaking up the smartphone market with the UK network one of the first to offer unlimited data to its SIM-only customers. That all you can eat plan is still available today with Three even dropping the price for the first six months of the deal.

However, if you don’t spend hours streaming Netflix or bingeing on Disney+ then there is a secret SIM deal that offers some seriously good value for money. has discovered a hidden offer that includes a whopping 100GB of data for just £12 per month.

That’s a bit of a bargain especially as there’s also fully unlimited calls and texts thrown in as well.

Another bonus of this SIM is that you only need to sign up for a 12-month contract which means you can shop around in the 2023 January sales and maybe find something even cheaper when the year-long deal comes to an end.

If you happen to have a 5G-ready phone in your pocket, such as the iPhone 12 or Galaxy S21, then this SIM also features full access to this next-generation network which can download movies at speeds in excess of 300Mbps.

Three’s home broadband comes in two flavours with both 4G and faster 5G available to those who can access it. One advantage of these services is that there’s not tricky installation with Three simply sending out its router and customers plugging it in to get online.

You can find all the latest Three broadband deals below.