Motorola V557 Reviews – Forget the Razr

Quite frankly, I do not understand all of the hype that the new Motorola Razr has garnered. Sure, the Razr is unbelievably slim but to anyone who needs a cell phone for business, slimness is not the first thing on the list. If you are in this boat, I recommend you read all of the Motorola V557 reviews.

The Motorola V557 uses new technology that the functionality and connectivity to the internet.

The V557 only has about 5 Mb worth of storage for pictures and video etc. and it is not even expandable so you should not purchase the phone for its multimedia capabilities. It does hold 1000 contact names and numbers so it is adequate in this department.

According to various Motorola V557 reviews I have seen, the great thing about the phone is the Screen3 technology. This technology allows surfing the internet much easier than on other cell phones in the past. One of the troubles with surfing the net on your phone is that you have to click so many times to get the information you are looking for.

On the V557, you can access an always-on ticker that runs on the bottom of the screen. It will give short blurbs about whatever you choose such things as stock prices, sports scores and news. When you click the ticker it will give you a longer headline. Click again and you get the full story.

The headline and short version of the story are free so you only pay for the full version of the stories you are really interested in. Currently you can also get unlimited data for only $ 20 / month.

Aside from the internet surfing technology, the Motorola V557 can probably replace your PDA (personal digital assistant). It contains everything the average professional might need such as a calendar, calculator, pop3 (e-mail) access and SMS (text messaging). Best of all, it syncs with your computer so that your appointments and contacts etc. are all identical and you never miss a beat.

I thoroughly agree with all of the Motorola V557 reviews I have read. You have no doubt heard of the expression style over substance. Choosing the V557 over the Razr is choosing substance over style.