Make Thanksgiving Easy With 15 Kitchen Finds You Never Knew You Needed

Even when you do the math before putting your turkey in the oven, it’s hard not to check on it a million times until it seems cooked. If scenario sounds all too familiar to you, check out these disposable pop-up timers. The red stem pops up to indicate that your turkey has been cooked to the right temperature, according to the brand. This set has two pop-up times, which are each good for one use.

A shopper raved, “I love these Turkey Pop-up timers. You can count on them to pop at the perfect time. They are so nice to have especially when you purchase a turkey or roasting chicken that does not have a pop-up timer in them, which has happened to me several times. Thank you for carrying these as they are supper hard to find elsewhere.”

Someone else shared, “This little pop-up timers are great. I always use them in my turkey at Thanksgiving and I always get a juicy, golden brown bird. When the timer pops up — Turkey is done.”