James Bond Goldfinger Bond girl would only join movie on one condition

Goldfinger hits TV screens this afternoon, on Sunday, July 24, 2022, at 4:20pm on ITV. It has gone down in history as one of the best James Bond movies of all time.

But before the 1964 picture hit cinemas, 007 producers struggled to get it completely finished in time.

Goldfinger was the third Sean Connery James Bond movie and was therefore highly anticipated. Following the incredible Dr No and From Russia With Love, hopes were high for the third movie in the series.

Goldfinger introduced the titular Bond villain that sprays his victims gold after killing them.

And this is exactly the role actress and model Margaret Nolan was wanted for.

The director of Goldfinger, Guy Hamilton, wanted the glamour model to be the gyrating golden body showed off in the opening credits of the film.

Nolan had other plans, however. 

She was more than happy to be a part of the opening crawl of the movie. And she was no doubt persuaded even further when she found out she would be soundtracked by Shirley Bassey’s iconic song Goldfinger, as well.

But she did not want to join the Bond movie on just the production company’s terms.

Instead, she wanted to ensure she was remembered for much more than just the opening credits.

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Connery’s Bond even told her that it was time for “man talk”. The 1960s were certainly a different era.

Nolan also starred in the film’s poster which has become legendary to this day.

The model died recently, on October 5, 2020.

She lost her battle against cancer aged 76, just three weeks before her 77th birthday.

Director Edgar Wright was a big fan of the actress and had worked with her in the past.

He wrote a lengthy tribute to her, saying: “It’s my sad duty to report that actress and artist, the magnificent Margaret Nolan has passed away. She was the middle of Venn diagram of everything cool in the 60’s; having appeared with the Beatles, been beyond iconic in Bond and been part of the Carry On cast too.

“She was the gold painted model in the iconic Goldfinger title sequence and poster (she also played Dink in the movie), she appeared in the classic A Hard Day’s Night, Carry On Girls, No Sex Please We’re British & many others, frequently sending up her own glamourpuss image.”

source: express.co.uk