‘Tremendous resentment’ Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs details ‘hatred’ towards Brexiteers

Jason Isaacs, best known for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, has detailed his “hatred” towards Brexiteers while discussing his latest film, Mass.

Mass, which will be released later this week, is set in the aftermath of a school shooting and sees the parents of one of the victims (played by Jason and Martha Plimpton) meet with parents of the perpetrator (played by Ann Dowd and Reed Birney).

When asked what motivated him to take on the role, Jason told Radio Times: “When I read it, Trump was already president and using blame as this tool of hatred and division.  

“Brexit had already happened and I felt a tremendous resentment toward, and almost hatred of, the people who have thrown our country into this terrible state.

“So, it appealed, this idea of bringing people together in a room whose lives have been compromised or destroyed by hate or blame, or guilt or shame.

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The Liverpool-born actor is a supporter of the Labour Party but had expressed criticism of Jeremy Corbyn during his leadership.

Jason told The Telegraph in 2019 he was an active campaigner for Labour right up “until Jeremy Corbyn came in”.

He put his dislike of the former leader down to “the extraordinary intellectual pretzel that is Corbyn’s broader manifesto”.

Jason’s latest release, Mass, has been hotly anticipated since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2021.

It has already won a slew of awards including the Independent Spirit Robert Altman Award, which has previously been won by Oscar winners Moonlight and Spotlight.

Mass will be released on Sky Cinema on January 20.

source: express.co.uk