Q&A: How do I prove I have had a booster jab? UPDATE 19 November

Q: I’m double-jabbed and I’ve had my booster jab but it doesn’t show on the NHS Covid app, so how do I prove I’ve had it?

UPDATE: 19 November

English holidaymakers will be able to show their booster jabs via the NHS Covid-19 app from today Friday 19 November opening up travel to those countries that demand the third jab for entry.

UPDATE: 15 November

  • Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, has hinted that the booster jab may well appear on the NHS Covid pass. “We are looking hard at it” he said but made no commitment to timing. More details soon
  • France will require proof of a booster jab for over 65s to enter many venues from December 15th 
  • Israel demands two doses within the past 180 days or a top-up jab


More and more travellers are edging closer to the expiry dates of their vaccinations. Some countries including Croatia and Austria, are particularly alert to this and will exclude entry to those people whose vaccinations have expired.

Vaccinations are considered to provide immunity for 270 days. However, Austria has extended this to 360 days. Croatia will let you in if you take a test on arrival and quarantine until a negative test can be shown.

The booster jab would solve that problem but there is no way of proving that you have had it. Currently, the NHS app does not have a facility to show this and there is no acceptable documentation you can show either.

This only becomes a problem when the country you are visiting stipulates that you cannot enter after their expiry date. If more countries decide to put this measure into place then British holidaymakers looking to get away over the winter months may well find themselves excluded.

The irony is that after a lot of too-ing and fro-ing by the EU about the validity of the NHS Covid pass system, it has finally been recognised EU-wide as proof of vaccination with AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer.

The decision not to include the booster jab on the NHS Covid pass is perplexing and this was a decision taken by the Department of Health. 

Clifton Maurice, a frequent traveller, is worried that he will be excluded if more countries decide to adhere to time limits. 

I’m now worried about booking anything in case I have to cancel my travel plans because I can’t prove I’ve had my booster. It’s just silly that the booster jab is not being shown on the NHS Covid app.

The Department of Health says it will be reviewing the situation, and we will keep you posted.

source: thetravelmagazine.net