Top Ten Nintendo GameCube Games

Phil writes, “Today is the 20th anniversary of the GameCube, Nintendo’s proud, purple console’s North American launch. While the console didn’t sell to its full potential (and that’s somewhat of an understatement), it did lay down the foundation for the publisher’s future consoles, starting with the revolutionary Wii, dipping severely with the failure that was the Wii U, and then rebounding in a remarkable way with the Switch.

SPC celebrates this auspicious occasion with a look at ten of the best games that launched on Nintendo’s colorful lunch box-like console. From titles that changed the gaming world forever to games that simply brought lots of joy into those who played them, this list of ten games shows why the GameCube absolutely rocked.

After checking out these picks (including the honorable mentions at the tail end), be sure to let the community know which ten GameCube games you’d include in such a list.”