What new and returning players can expect in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, out today on PS5

As detailed in both State of Play and Opening Night Live, Death Stranding Director’s Cut delivers a truckload of new enhancements and content to Kojima Productions’ genre-defying adventure. From helpful new delivery equipment to expanded areas to explore, there is a lot for new and returning players to dive into starting today on PS5.

The enhancements and new content introduced to Director’s Cut can be experienced right from the beginning of the game. In addition to the adjustments made to guides and hints, new weapons and equipment, such as the “maser gun” and “support skeleton”, have also been introduced to help immerse players even further into the world of Death Stranding.

The team at Kojima Productions is excited to introduce these new elements to Director’s Cut, which they hope will be useful not only to those who are new to Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but also to those who will be transferring their save data from PS4.

Spoiler alert: This section does not touch on story spoiler elements, but it does describe the orders and maps up to Episode 3.

Early route planning in the game

source: playstation.com