Disney Plus shows off Star Wars fan art for May the 4th

May the 4th Star Wars fan art

The dark and light sides face off in artist Zi Wu’s beautiful piece of Star Wars fan art that will show up on Disney Plus.

Disney Plus

Fan art is getting a Disney Plus showcase to mark Star Wars Day on May 4, with the first showing up Friday on the streaming service’s brand page. The piece by artist Zi Wu highlights the duality of good and evil, with heroes and villains from the entire timeline.

Pieces from other artists will appear on most of the Star Wars movie and show pages from Tuesday, May 4, to Saturday, May 9.

“For this year’s ‘May the 4th,’ we teamed up with Lucasfilm to celebrate the fans that make this day possible by showcasing multiple pieces of impressive fan art created by the Star Wars community on Disney,” Jerrell Jimerson, executive vice president of products and design for Disney Plus, said in a statement.  

Last year, the company refreshed the streaming service’s look with concept art from the movies and shows.

However, it’s not just the Star Wars aesthetic that’s getting an update on May 4. The Bad Batch, a CGI animated series that follows The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith, is kicking off with a 70-minute premiere that day, too.

For anyone who’s been living on an exoplanet, Star Wars Day is marked on May the 4th because the date is a play on the famous line: “May the Force be with you.”

source: cnet.com