Cyberpunk 2077 Has Fake Traffic That Is Merely An Illusion of a Bustling Metropolis

Dee_9145m ago

yes its in GTA V
but not nearly half as bad as this game…

Nobody’s “looking for any other reason to hate on the game”. The game provide many reasons. Even the devs are pissed off with the publishers. I see no reason to defend any of it. Pretending like it’s normal and okay accomplishes nothing.
GTA V has been the bar for nearly a decade now. Back when GranTursimo 5 released, people where comparing car sounds, even with GTA V fake cars, the sound quality completely embarrassed GranTurismo 5 and 6. With constant criticism towards PD over the years, GTSport arguably has the best sounding cars now.
Point being, criticism is needed when warranted.