Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s ‘relaxed’ smile shows ‘genuine passion’ for her work

“Sophie’s smile is wide but not over-performed as it only reveals the upper teeth, and the corners of her mouth are often pulled down slightly to suggest emotions like caring and empathy. 

“A dazzling style of royal smile would entail more teeth and symmetry but Sophie’s is a little more mature and complex.”

This is down to the facial expressions she makes, which Judi explained also signal “kindness”.

She added: “Her cheeks are slightly rounded and her eyes are crinkled in an eye-smile that also appears to signal kindness more than just happiness and fun. 

According to the expert, these expressions suggest she genuinely enjoys her working role within the Royal Family.

Judi added: “These smile rituals also make her look relaxed, suggesting some genuine passion about her work as part of the royal Firm.”

Sophie and Edward have two children together, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn. 

They live in their Bagshot Park mansion in Surrey which has been their home for more than 20 years.

What is the married couple’s relationship like?

The body language expert said: “Although Sophie and Edward’s body language together suggests authentic, strong bonds of shared humour and affection, the frequency of these displays in the wake of Harry and Meghan’s move to the US does hint that either they or the Firm itself made a conscious decision to allow and even promote more open displays of affection in public from royal couples like Sophie and Edward and William and Kate.”

Sophie and Edward remain professional in public, and their public displays of affection are kept to a minimum. 

Judi added: “After Diana and Charles’s openly emotional and sometimes hostile-looking body language displays the royals seemed to have gone into emotional close-down, taking a decision to throw a veil over any PDAs in future, apart from more formal and traditional rituals that were all about perfect social smiles and non-tactile behaviour.

“Then Meghan appeared on the scene and the popularity of Meghan and Harry’s more demonstrative and very loving touch and hug rituals did seem to leave a lasting legacy with the other top-tier royals.

“William and Kate became much more relaxed about their displays of fun and affection and Sophie and Edward are now rarely seen doing anything other than laughing together or even gazing fondly at one another.

“Neither royal couple’s body language appears forced or contrived, which adds to the theory that they have previously been supressing and holding back their natural inclinations for more loving behaviours when together in public.”


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