Sophie, Countess of Wessex is 'leader' in marriage as Prince Edward takes 'low-key' role

She has taken on increasing responsibilities and is comfortable attending official engagements by herself.

When Sophie and Prince Edward are seen together, body language expert Judi James commented on their relationship.

She claimed that Sophie appears happy to take a leading role.

“Sophie is clearly the team leader of the family,” Judi told


“She takes what looks like the most active role, engaging and laughing across at others.”

Prince Edward looks comfortable taking a step back and letting Sophie take control of their engagements, Judi suggested.

She claimed Prince Edward looks happy to wait on hand from directions from the Countess.

“Edward appears to be allowed to be a bit of an alpha presence, looking in control of the paperwork and pen and standing with his legs splayed in a bit of a power-pose,” the expert continued.

“Sophie’s confidence signals show her as being the more socially active one in the team dynamic.

“Sophie appears to enjoy stepping into the royal limelight but we never see any signs of vanity from her.

“Edward looks delighted to stand by his wife using glances of admiration and pride.

“He places his hands behind his back to suggest it’s her show, but his overall mirroring of her mood and posture shows they share like-minded thinking.”