More than 810,000 homes will be hit with £155 energy bill charge – switch now to save

Energy bills could rise by up to £155 for some households. More than 810,000 will be hit by the price hikes. This is because as their deals end they will be automatically put on to SVT.

Energy customers can use the Uswitch online guide to find out if their deal is ending soon and compare the best deals to move to.

Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at, said: “Customers often get caught out when their fixed energy plan ends and they are moved automatically onto a standard variable tariff that ends up costing them more money.

“This is a particularly busy time of year with Christmas on the way, and it’s easy to forget to change supplier — but not switching could come with a hefty £155 price tag attached.

“No one should be paying more than they need to for their energy, and as we head deep into winter, now is the time to check when your deal is coming to an end.

“If you’re struggling to work out how to check when your tariff is due to end, you can use our online guide to point you in the right direction.”

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To get involved, the government has said that any improvements to the home must be completed by March 31, 2021.

Martin Lewis advice for making your money go fruther over Christmas involves numerous tips. 

He suggests agreeing not to buy presents for family.

He said: “Yes, it’s the season of goodwill but that doesn’t mean you need to turn Christmas into a retail festival, by buying unnecessary, often unwanted gifts for friends and family because they bought you a gift.”

For those struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic, there is a way to reduce energy bills. 

Universal Credit claimants may be able to get £140 off their energy bills this winter.

A number of schemes have been set up, which may help the eligible people to meet these outgoings. This includes the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

Under this scheme, an eligible person may be able to get £140 off their electricity bill for winter 2020 to 2021.