Arthritis is a common condition that can affect people of all ages, according to the NHS. One of the earliest signs of the joint pain condition is having an unexplained flaky scalp.

Arthritis pain can lead to a number of debilitating symptoms that patients will want to try and avoid.

The condition can make life more difficult when carrying out simply, everyday tasks.

It’s crucial that if you develop signs of arthritis, you speak to a doctor as soon as possible to try and find a treatment to relieve your pain.

One of the key warning signs of arthritis is having an unusually flaky scalp.

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“Symptoms of psoriatic arthritis are different for each person,” it said.

“They can be mild to severe. Sometimes your condition will go into remission and you’ll feel better for a while. Other times your symptoms may get worse.

“General symptoms of psoriatic arthritis include: Swollen, tender joints, morning stiffness, scaly skin patches, flaky scalp, fatigue [and] eye redness.

“Some people have very mild symptoms that only cause problems from time to time. Others have more severe and debilitating symptoms.”



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