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Lidl had launched its Street Food brand this week which includes gyoza dumplings and loaded fries.

Called ‘My Street Food’, Lidl’s latest range features iconic street food dishes inspired by cuisines all around the world, including dishes from Asia, America and Italy.

In Lidl stores already, prices start at £1.39 you can get your hands on a 300g bag of Italian-style arancini, filled with bolognese style filling.

For 30p more, you can get mini Sicilian Cannoli, tempura vegetables or chilli cheese loaded fries, at £1.99 a bag.
At the top end of the scale, you can still expect to pay impressively low prices for food items like salt beef brisket and BBQ pork mini ribs and chicken wings.

For just £1.19 you can also pick up a bag of churros, a great dessert option.