Sony Is Releasing Two 'Ready For PlayStation 5' Bravia TVs

Sony has announced the release of the Sony Bravia X90H and Z8H which are both going to be marketed for use with the PlayStation 5 under a new ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ banner.

The X90H is a 4K Full Array LED and the Z8H is an 8K Full Array LED. The X90H will display your games in 4K at 120FPS with a low input lag of 7.2ms whilst the Z8H will showcase games in up to 8K (as well as 4k) at a super smooth 120FPS.

These TVs also boast a new Bravia Game Mode which will automatically turn on to play PS5 games with low latency. You can also wake both the TV and PS5 with the DualSense Controller and use the DualSense controller to control the TV.


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