Birth chart: What is my birth chart? How to read your birth chart

The houses

Take a look at each house in your chart and see if there is an astrological symbol placed inside.

Note down where each planet is placed and see what sign its in because each house is ruled by a zodiac sign and a planet.

The houses determine which area of life a planet’s energy will manifest for you – from relationships to career to identity.

The first house is ruled by Mars and Aries, and it’s the location of your Rising sign or ascendant. Your Rising sign represents the mask you show to the world. It’s about your identity and personality.

The second house is ruled by Venus and Taurus, and it’s all about your values. This refers to both your finances and self-worth.

The third house is ruled by Mercury and Gemini, and it governs your thinking and communicating. It also can explain relationships with your family and friends.

The fourth house is ruled by the Moon and Cancer, so it controls your emotional foundation and your home life.

The fifth house is ruled by the Sun and Leo and refers to your inner child. It shows you how you want to play, flirt, have fun, and get creative. It’s all about self-expression.

The sixth house is governed by Virgo and Mercury and represents how you work and your health routine.