Face masks are encouraged everywhere and mandatory in some states and stores. If there’s one thing I’ve missed when I go to the grocery store, it’s the friendly smile from strangers as I’m waiting to grab a loaf of bread.

Face shields — which some people have even made from 2-liter soda bottles — and Plexiglas dividers or other “sneeze guards” have become common ways to help stop the coronavirus from spreading while still being able to see store clerks, dentists and so on. Now, there’s a growing trend for clear face masks.

Not only can transparent face coverings show off your pearly whites, but they’re helpful for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, making it easier to read lips. A clear panel can also show off your facial features and expressions, which may help reestablish a bit more of a human connection. 

Scroll on for where to buy clear face masks. We’ll continue to update this story as we find more transparent masks.

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What to know about buying a clear face mask

Note that it hasn’t been determined if clear face masks are as effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus as other materials, though sturdy face shields are often used by medical professionals in addition to other face masks.

  • Looks for masks that are fog-free — the seller should list that.
  • It needs to be durable enough to wash, or you’ll buy disposable masks in packs.
  • The mask needs to be breathable.
  • The mask should wrap around your nose and chin, and be snug enough to prevent gaps.
  • If you sneeze in the mask, wash it as soon as possible because there’s no cloth to absorb the debris.


Etsy store ZarasCreative is selling anti-fog clear face masks. The store notes to wash the masks with cold water and hang to dry. We recommend drying in direct sunlight.

See all clear face masks at Etsy.


Reyo, an Amazon seller, is selling face masks with a clear panel. The masks come in different styles and designs.

Sell all clear face masks at Amazon.


Walmart has a variety of clear face mask styles designed for the deaf and hard of hearing.


ClearMask sells clear face masks in bundles starting at 24 masks for $67. The masks are anti-fog and they’re designed for single use only.

Leaf Mask

Leaf Mask face masks are rated N99 and completely clear. The masks are also FDA-registered, have a permanent anti-fog coating and an active carbon filter. Leaf says the masks can withstand UV light sterilization.

For additional face masks you can buy, check out these online stores selling face masks, six face mask styles that cost $100 or more and face masks that are made specifically for kids.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

source: cnet.com


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