Roblox promo codes for February 2020 are available right now, with Roblox players able to get some free new gear for their avatar. One of the best things about Roblox is getting to kit out your character just the way you like it, but this can cost you a few Robux. Thankfully, this is where Roblox promo codes come into play as the Roblox codes let you get items for your inventory completely for free when you redeem.

In a post online they said: “Get ready to floor it with exclusive content from the all-new Netflix series Fast & Furious: Spy Racers!.

“The series follows Tony Toretto and his friends as they band together to thwart the global criminal organization SH1FT3R.

“They’ll need their skills as both racers and spies, along with some incredibly fast rides, to save the world.

“And now you can jump behind the wheel of their signature vehicles in Roblox, with four furiously fast new additions.

“Take a spin in the sleek electric Hyperfin, the all-terrain Rally Baja Crawler, the classic muscle-car Ion Motors Thresher, or the lightning-fast Astana Motors Hotto across participating Roblox games.”



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