Stomach bloating leads to the belly appearing to be larger than it actually is. It may also feel tender and painful. One quick and simple solution is brewing right under your nose. Some herbal teas have been proven to help reduce stomach bloating. Specifically, peppermint tea is one remedy to beat the bloat.

Studies have shown how peppermint relaxes the gut, which may relieve intestinal spasms – including the bloating and pain that can accompany them.

Additionally, animal studies have suggested that plant compounds named flavonoids (found in peppermint) may inhibit mast cells.

This is significant, as mast cells are abundant within the gut area and can sometimes contribute to bloating.

The cool, refreshing flavour of peppermint can be enjoyed as a herbal brew.

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Another tea to enjoy is the lemony flavour – among a hint of mint – lemon balm.

The European Medicines Agency has stated that lemon balm tea may relieve mild digestive issues, including bloating and gas.

To sip on this comforting drink, you can steep a lemon balm teabag in boiled water for 10 minutes.

Alternatively, use one tablespoon (three grams) of dried lemon balm leaves in 240ml of boiled water.


For a spicier treat, ginger tea may also help to soothe troublesome tummies.

Made from the thick roots of the zingiber officinale plant, it’s been used to treat stomach-related ailments since ancient times.

Research has shown that ginger supplements may reduce intestinal cramping, bloating and gas.

For the tea, one can use either coarsely powdered ginger, a dried ginger root or a ginger tea bag.

This is because physical activity can get the bowels moving more frequently, helping to release excess gas.

Another way to get the bowels moving is to try an abdominal massage.

Following the path of the large intestine can be especially helpful.

Although, if you notice any pain discontinue immediately.



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