Steph McGovern ‘stumbles’ during ‘first day of serious work’ after welcoming baby daughter

New mum Steph McGovern, 37, took to Twitter today to mark her first day of “serious work”, since welcoming her daughter into the world.

The TV star, who is best known for presenting BBC Breakfast and Shop Well for Less, was dressed to impress in her social media snap, telling her followers she was delighted that she made it out it out of the house without baby sick on her today.

The presenter, who recently left BBC Breakfast to host her own Channel 4 show Steph’s Talks, cut a stylish figure in a blue trouser suit and red heels, which matched her handbag.

Steph told her 391,600 followers about her proud “parent achievement” on the social media site this morning.

With satisfaction, she said: ”Made it out of the house for my first day of serious work (without baby sick on me)!”

She delightedly went on to say: “I felt like high fiving people as I walked down the street.”(sic)

Clarifying, the mum-of-one added: “I say walked, I mean stumbled….not quite got used to being in heels again! #parentachievements.”

Twitter users and fans of the presenter took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts and congratulate her on her parenting accomplishment.

One user wrote: “High fives all round to parents.”

Complimenting her outfit choice another user said: “Looking fabulous Steph!,” while a third added: “You look fab Steph, great to have you back.”

A fourth Twitter user said: “All mums will totally understand the achievement of you getting out of the house without baby sick on you.”

Another understanding parent added: “Well done on leaving the house without baby sick on you! Next challenge – arriving at a meeting without a toy in your pocket or a snack.”

Giving her fans an update on her first day back at work, Steph returned to Twitter to say was suffering from “baby brain” after forgetting the word “kitchen”.

She wrote on Twitter: “The whole baby brain/fog thing is real isn’t it?! Could not remember the word for kitchen earlier.

“I’ll admit, I’m not great in the kitchen (understatement), but I’m sure I’ve never struggled with remembering ‘kitchen’ before.”