Most stunning royal jewellery moments of 2019 – Kate, Meghan, Beatrice and Queen make list

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, the British royals own them all. The jewellery collection belonging to Queen Elizabeth II and her family is worth millions. Grant Mobley, renowned diamond expert, gemologist and a frequent commentator on the Royal Family’s jewellery vault rounded up his pick of the best royal jewellery moments of 2019.

Burmese Ruby and Diamond Tiara – June 2019

The Queen was seen wearing her exquisite Burmese Ruby and Diamond Tiara to a state banquet at Buckingham Palace in honour of President Donald Trump’s official visit to the United Kingdom in June 2019.

“Her Majesty always wears a stunning diamond tiara to royal events of this nature,” Grant said.

“In fact, when she is in public, she always wears natural diamonds, from her engagement ring to her gorgeous brooches to stunning diamond necklaces and bracelets.

“The royals are known for their beautiful collection of jewels, and through the generations, they have fully understood the true value of natural diamond jewellery.

“They appreciate their timeless quality, and keep pieces forever, passing them down to younger royals.”

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The Brigade of Guards brooch – June 2019

Another poignant jewellery moment for the Queen came in the summer, when she wore a specific brooch.

Grant said: “It is very rare to see the Queen without a sparkling brooch and her birthday celebrations are no different. Every year for the last thirty years, Her Royal Highness wears the Brigade of Guards Brooch to Trooping the Colour to celebrate her birthday with the public.

“This is a particularly sentimental piece as it was originally created for her grandmother, Queen Mary, so it has been in the Royal Family for years. This stunning brooch is made out of natural diamonds and combines the badges of the five regiments – the Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish, and Welsh Guards – which take turns each year trooping their colours for the Queen.

“The Queen’s decision to wear this brooch is not only a testament to her high regard for the regiments of the British and Commonwealth armies, but also a testament to the significance of natural diamonds for life’s momentous milestones, such as a birthday, because they are rare, authentic and precious.”

Meghan Markle’s Eternity Ring – June 2019

“We saw a first glimpse of The Duchess of Sussex’s eternity ring at the Queen’s birthday celebrations,” Grant recalled, “It’s a simple, delicate ring.”

“The band is made up of natural diamonds, as well as three extra stones representing Meghan, Harry and Archie’s birthstones – green emerald for Archie, a blue sapphire for Prince Harry and an olive-green peridot stone for Meghan.

“The thoughtful ring was designed by Prince Harry with the help of celebrity jeweller Lorraine Schwartz. It appears that Harry likes to be involved in the design process of Meghan’s most significant pieces of jewellery.

“He helped design her engagement ring in which the centre diamond famously comes from Botswana, a country which has significant meaning to the couple.

“What most do not know is that the natural diamond industry has transformed the country of Botswana, enabling every child there to receive a free primary and secondary education. Prior to diamond discovery, Botswana was one of the poorest countries in the world, but since then it has been transformed into one of Africa’s most prosperous nations.”

Lorraine Schwartz Diamond Earrings – July 2019

Another major jewellery moment came from the Duchess of Sussex embracing her Hollywood roots at the London Lion King premiere.

Grant said: “Meghan Markle knows how to put a contemporary twist on her outfits and accessories. Back in July when she attended the Lion King premiere in London, she opted for a stylish pair of newly-customized Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings.

“Although the earrings appeared to be a new addition to Meghan’s jewelry collection, they were actually just modified and encased with a bold black onyx jacket, which made them look totally different to when she was last seen wearing the sizeable diamonds the month prior.”

Princess Beatrice’s Engagement Ring – September 2019

“The most recent royal to get engaged is Princess Beatrice,” Grant said.

“She received a rather traditional engagement ring from her fiancé, Edoardo Mapelli, in September. Out of all the recent royal engagement rings, Princess Beatrice’s is most similar to Meghan Markle’s because both rings have a natural diamond centre stone.

“Mapelli knew that the only stones appropriate for an engagement ring are natural diamonds as they have been tied to love and commitment for thousands of years because of their strength and enduring value.”