Satellite footage exposes mysterious fleet of aircraft in hangars near top-secret Area 51

Satellite footage has captured a dozen mysterious “vehicles” jutting out of hangars at a top-secret US military base. The incredible images were taken by Planet Labs PlanetScope satellite earlier this month. The satellite shows the unidentified objects close to a runway at the secretive Tonopah Test Range Airport, which lies next to the notorious Area 51 facility.

In the footage taken at the base, there are two lines of white objects that remain unidentified by military experts.

Leading theorists have proposed that the small fleet of mysterious aircrafts could be fighter jets, unmanned combat air vehicles, or stealth helicopters

The Tonopah Test Range is close to the Area 51 facility and has been linked to the mysterious activities that take place there.

The facility is allegedly where aircraft experimented on at Area 51 becomes operational.

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The base is known for hosting aircraft recently “graduated” from Area 51 and about which the Pentagon is still trying to cover up. 

The high-security Tonopah base is also home to a number of clandestine programs and aircraft testing operations

This means that the UFO sightings in the southern “canyon” of hangars at the base could be top-secret US military tests.

Other theorists have claimed that the secretive aircrafts were photographed at the same time because the dozen objects were going out on a “mission as a fleet”. 

It is believed that the UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico was transported to Area 51 for tests. 

Area 51 is heavily protected by armed guard patrols.

It is also nearly impossible to access the airspace above it without permission from air traffic control.

The Planet Labs’ PlanetScope satellites image the vast majority of the earth daily.