Coogan plays richest man in the world

He is writing the film with David Schneider, who worked with him on the Alan Partridge shows. 

Schneider, 56, said the character is the wealthiest man in the world who kidnaps the next 12 elite earners and insists they give up their fortunes. 

He said: “It’s a comedy but it is quietly political in as much as it is saying that some people have so much money what would happen if they were forced to give it away. It looks like Steve is going to play the billionaire. 

“Steve is such a great actor and comedian. We worked together writing I’m Alan Partridge. We are both into very natural and believable humour and so it’s easy.” 

Schneider is delighted to work again with Coogan, 54. He said: “I haven’t written with Steve for a long, long time but it’s like putting on a funny pair of slippers again.” 

He was speaking at an event to celebrate the National Lottery’s 25th birthday.