Sports people all over the world have their own rituals to try and give them a mental edge in competition.

The more common superstitions will be for sports people to wear some form of clothing or jewellery they believe gives them good fortune.

But for Nadal it goes beyond superstition in one of the most unique rituals in tennis.

The most widely known ritual of Nadal’s is the way he places is drinks bottles in the exact same position with one neatly placed behind the other, diagonally aimed at the court.

Another is the famously unique way he celebrates a Grand Slam win by biting the trophy, last seen at the 2019 US Open.

And one of the ball people on the court at this year’s US Open has divulged even further on more distinct habits Nadal has.

“Even though you know a lot of us work these matches, have the experience with these top players, he always—maybe it’s just because of how he is—he always goes to the ad court [left side] and then the deuce court [right side] for his balls, like during warmup or something,” the person told Deadspin.

“So he’ll always say two.

“Even though I’m always showing him the two, just because I know that’s what he wants.

“Other players, I give all three or all four, depending on how many I have out of the six balls.

“But he always says two, and then he always goes to the partner in the back for one.

“So he’s always got a routine for every point, how he handles the balls, handles the towels during the water breaks, how he puts the water bottles in the same spots—that’s the classic one.

“But he’s the one guy that’s got a whole routine going with every point before every game before warmups.

“It’s very noticeable.”

Nadal is currently in Geneva for the start of the Laver Cup where he will play alongside Roger Federer for Team Europe.



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