Leah Weller, 26, who is currently making her own waves in the music industry, has spoken out about her relationship with her rockstar dad, Paul Weller, 59. The Validation singer revealed the pair never argue and rarely have either ever had a disagreement with one another. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the DJ divulged they have yet to collaborate musically, but added if they did there may be an “artistic dispute”. Leah spilled: “No. My dad and I are very similar. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a fight with my dad. That’s weird.

“Maybe if we collaborate on something properly there may be an artistic dispute. But we’ve never ever had a fight.”

Paul – who achieved fame with the punk rock band The Jam – shares two children Nathaniel, 29, and Leah with his ex-wife and The Style Council singer, Dee C Lee, 58.

Speaking about following in her parents’ footsteps, Leah revealed she believes music is an innate quality.

She explained: “I honestly couldn’t tell you. I just know from the age of 10 I always wanted to sing.

“I always enjoyed singing and dancing, and putting on shows for my family and friends. I think it’s just in me.”

Leah added she has worked on a lot of her new music by herself and is grateful to have “supportive” parents.

The singer said: “Well, they were always supportive. They would say, ‘We will support you in whatever you choose to do’.

“They’ve never been pushy or too involved.”

She added: “If I need their help then I’ll ask. I do a lot by myself and I think they respect that and I prefer it that way.”

It comes after Leah tied the knot with her beau and Calvin Klein model Tomo Kurata in a sweet ceremony last year.

Speaking about the couple’s impending one-year wedding anniversary, she revealed the celebrations will be kept low-key.

“We’ll do something simple. You can’t beat that day because it was amazing,” she explained.

Elsewhere, Leah has teamed up with Pizza Express for a special performance to showcase her new music, which took place last week.

Speaking about the event, she said: “I’ve been a fan of Pizza Express for so long. I’ve been going there since I was a kid so I’m a fan of it from an emotional and personal level.

“Also they’ve got a good way of joining music as well. So it’s great to meet up and have that idea of doing a gig. I’ve also got the DJ residency that I’m doing at Langham Place restaurant so it’s a nice partnership.”

Leah is playing PizzaExpress Holborn for her second ticketed event tonight and hopes to play at PizzaExpress live again very soon.

Additionally, PizzaExpress has recently launched its Langham Lates DJ residency with Leah Weller, with the next event taking place on October 3.

source: express.co.uk


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