Bam Margera Detained By The Police For Trespassing Following Rehabilitation Stint

According to a report from Us Magazine, Bam Margera was arrested for trespassing when he was supposed to be in rehab. Us Weekly confirmed that the police were called to the Luxe hotel early Wednesday morning following a disturbance call and citizen’s arrest.

A spokesperson for the LAPD said to the outlet, “police arrived to the hotel and Mr. Margera refused to leave the premises” as well as cooperate with the police. The LAPD spokesperson added that Bam was taken into police custody for trespassing and was booked at the station at 2:30 am. He’s being held on $1,000 bail.

In a video acquired by TMZ, Margera is pictured sitting on the floor in a hotel lobby while talking with a police officer who informed that backup was on its way. This incident came approximately one week after Bam Margera appeared on Dr. Phil’s show.

TMZ reported that he left the facility after a few days. The reality star reportedly begged Phil to “save his family from falling apart for good,” in a few different Instagram videos near the start of the month. Bam said in the video that he hates being around Nicole Boyd, who has been his wife since 2013.

In January, Bam entered the facility but then left after approximately ten days. The Jack*ss star shared the decision to leave the facility and confirmed his intention to leave in a letter written by hand. Bam wrote that he realized he would drink whenever he was bored.

Margera stated, however, that at his most boring moments, are also the times when he’s the most creative. The reality star added that rehab led him to feelings of wild excitement on account of “energy and creation.”

Reportedly, Bam has been in rehab on more than one occasion. Bam relapsed back in July of 2018 after he was robbed in Colombia. The star said he was doing well by staying within a two-drink limit, however, it appears it didn’t work.


In January of 2018, Margera was arrested for driving under the influence and was given a sentence of three years on probation. He also had to go to AA meetings.

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