Outlander season 5: Star teases ‘exciting’ and ‘bold’ new series for Jamie and Claire

Season five of Outlander will be hitting screens in the autumn as filming takes place one the episodes. The new series will see Jaime Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and his wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) trying to build a life for themselves in the New World after being reunited with their daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton). Along with Brianna, her on/off boyfriend Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin) followed her back through time as the couple managed to resolve their differences and decided to stay in the past.

However, the family are now entering unchartered territory now with the eve of the American Revolution with Jamie dabbling in politics.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Outlander star Bear McCreary teased what fans could expect from the show.

McCreary has served as the composer on the series since season one and has been part of the show’s evolving identity.

Outlander has gone from Scotland to Paris to the Caribbean before settling in America so far.


Outlander season 5 will be premiering at the end of the year

Outlander season 5 will be premiering at the end of the year (Image: STARZ)

“I am indeed working on the fifth season of Outlander and I’m very excited about where it’s going. Fans are going to be very excited,” he said.

McCreary went on to say: “I can tease that there’s going to be a continuation of the philosophy that music moves to the forefront of the journey.

“There was a little bit of that last season especially with Roger performing some music and the bold reinvention of the main title in a bluegrass style.”

He added: “As our story continues in Colonial America, you will hear some near even more bold musical moments.”


Each cycle has seen the title music changing to reflect the storyline with season two’s score differing from the distantly Scottish bagpipes of the first series.

But does he feel pressure to keep the music on Outlander fresh? “No, because I’m taking the lead from the writers and in many ways I don’t feel I am going out of my way to evolve the theme. I feel quite the opposite. I am obligated to do it because the drama changes so much. The show is diverse narratively.”

With the action staying firmly in America this year and in season six (US network Starz gave the show a double recommission in 2018), McCreary said it was more challenging scoring the show now because the story wouldn’t be going to an exotic new location.

Despite this, he said he was still looking forward to the direction of the story and music.

Outlander season 5 will be taking a bold direction

Outlander season 5 will be taking a bold direction (Image: STARZ)

He explained: “So it’s really exciting and I think over the coming seasons – just from where Diana Gabaldon’s books go – we spend a lot of time in America.

“So I think that might be my challenge in the coming seasons is that we don’t go to some strange new exotic land.

‘We’re going to spend time in America, so I’m going to be looking at other kinds of American music.

“So, I think that will be my challenge moving forward, not completely reinventing the main title but finding way of tweaking it now that we’re planting a flag in American soil for the next couple of seasons.”

Outlander composer Bear McCreary is working on the new series

Outlander composer Bear McCreary is working on the new series (Image: NC)

Outlander star Bear McCreary has worked on the new Child's Play score as well

Outlander star Bear McCreary has worked on the new Child’s Play score as well (Image: NC)

Along with his work on Outlander, McCreary has scored the music for the new Child’s Play film.

McCreary said the film was from his youth and one that he was when he was “way too young.”

He admitted he had some reservations when coming on board the project, saying: “I was a little nervous at first to get involved because I knew it was this classic story that had decades’ worth of sequels and I didn’t really think I had anything to say or do with it.”

However, he changed his mind after watching the film, which gives a thoroughly 21st Century makeover to the 1988 horror classic for the movie of the same name.

The composer compared the film to the Eighties horror work of Tim Burton and Stephen Spielberg.

“It had charm and quirky characters and I thought I just ha to get involved.” Nevertheless, McCreary said he would only score the music if he could bring something new to the franchise.

“I watched the movie and I immediately had this rally weird idea to score the whole movie with toys. I wanted to assemble what I called the toy orchestra,” he said as he made the decision to step away from a “conventional score” and “do something really weird”.

He used a mixture of toy instruments including keyboards, a harmonica, a child’s xylophones and even a kazoo in creating the unique score.

McCreary is very busy on a number of projects with Outlander season five having recently completed score for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Rim of the World and The Professor and the Madman.

The Child’s Play Original Soundtrack featuring music from Bear McCreary is out now

source: express.co.uk