Star Wars 9 leaks: Rey's REAL name revealed? Shock link to Rogue One?

Who is Rey? Is she a Skywalker, Kenobi, Palpatine of Jinn? Is she just the discarded nobody claimed by Kylo Ren? Is she actually another Force birth like Anakin? JJ Abrams has been promising to wrap up the current Sequel Trilogy as well as bring the entire Skywalker saga to a close. How does Rey fit into this?

Yet more leaks claim to have seen storyboards and concept art, some of which describe new scenes with Rey AND reveal her true name. As always, take any such leaks with a giant pinch of salt, but they do throw up some intriguing possibilities.

The leak says: “A description of Rey inside a large cave with an ignited blue lightsaber. There are dozens of blue orbs floating around her, illuminating everything wit a blue glow.

“The next goes over Rey walking into the cave where many Jedi relics are.”

All of this so far is interesting and paints a pretty picture, but the real shocker is still to come. According to this leak, the bottom of the description says: “Kira Rey enters the Cave of Dismay.” 

If the name sounds familiar that is because this was the original name used for Rey when JJ Abrams was developing The Force Awakens Whether it was intended to be her final name or was just a codename is unknown.

It also sounds the same but is spelt differently, from Qi’ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

What is more intriguing is this new information would suggest that Rey is actually her surname. If this is true, she is not the direct child of a Skywalker to Kenobi, but may still be descended somehow on her mother’ side.

Frankly, a last-minute revelation Rey is somehow related to one of the core lineages from the Star Wars saga may now be seen as a desperate attempt to regain the alienated fans who feel the saga has strayed too far from its origins. It could raise more groans than cheers.

However, there is still a clear desire for her identity to mean something, rather than just being the abandoned offspring of drunk lowlives. This would still play into another strong theory that Rey is the created child of the Force, manipulated by a powerful practitioner in the same way Darth Sidious is believed to have created Anakin.

The leaks continue with more descriptions which may tie across to the other spin-off movie, Rogue One.

It says: “Another (concept art) goes over Rey climbing stone steps which lead to a cinematic view of a lost city underground. This could be the remains of Jedda or an entirely new place. The last one goes over Rey walking towards some structures with the blue orbs following.”

Once again the description below the image apparently confirms that new name, captioning the concept art: “Kira Rey’s discovery.” 

As well as apparently cementing this new information about Rey’s full name, these descriptions also set up the tantalising possibility of more scenes with a Force Ghost or other powers beyond the mortal world.

Floating blue lights have been used before to herald a Force ghost, but the mysterious and powerful Whills also glow. If these scenes are indeed set beneath the ruins of Jedda, that links back to the main Cyber Temple shown in Rogue One, which was the base for the Guardians of the Whills.

It would certainly be a clever and neat way to bring together story strands from across multiple films and spin-offs, as well as the ancient history of the Force, and the Jedi and Sith.