Armed and dangerous: ‘Neo-Nazi troops form terrifying secret group inside German military

Members of the Bundeswehr’s KSK – the equivalent to the SAS – have allegedly plotted to kill Green Party leader Claudia Roth, foreign minister Heiko Mass and former president Joachim Gauck. The group have been stockpiling weapons for when the right time arrives, according to reports. German authorities have reportedly been searching training camps on the Austrian and Swiss borders for weapons, ammunition, petrol and food.

Death squads allegedly planned to lure them and other left-wing politicians to a remote location and assassinate them.

Reports say they planned to kill leaders of asylum seeker groups who have been blamed for social unrest, terrorism and rapes in Germany.

Accusations made against one soldier – known by his code name “Hannibal” – revealed how little Germany knows about its most elite troops.

According to reports by Berlin magazine, Focus, elite soldiers who meet Hannibal are enlisted into his “shadow army” of extremists.

The report reads: “Numerous interrogations paint a picture of a conspiratorial force that is not supposed to shy away from the killing of political opponents.”

The number of members in the extremist group has reportedly rocketed since German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the door to over a million refugee’s in 2015.

The claims are based on inside knowledge of a federal investigation into the “prepper scene”.

This is an association of conspiracy theorists who believe the end of society as we know it is near.

Since the arrest of Franco Albrecht, a senior lieutenant in the Bundeswehr on charges of plotting a terror attack in 2016, the country has been shaken by the possibility Neo-Nazis may have infiltrated its armed forces.

Evidence also implies “Hannibal” has been helped by people high up in the Bundeswehr.

A member of the army’s internal intelligence unit is on trial for tipping him off about raids against members of his group.

Authorities say they have stopped the breakaway group of the Bundeswehr’s KSK unit before their death squads could carry out the assassinations.

But the sick group of extremists are still believed to operate in Germany’s military.

Germany’s defence Ministry insists the army is clean.