We departed the slip quite a few days ago on our used sundeck trawler. My dear, for a number of fun-filled days anchored up. It’s quite a life we have. To depart the docks any time we’ve got the need, now that’s really experiencing the life. Living the trawler lifestyle is very tough to beat. However writing this page has me pondering things.

Listening to my potential buyers informs me that nineteen percent of you have concerns on the subject of picking out the proper boat. Another twenty percent have considerations concerning dockage and forty percent are concerned about vessel prices. Actually these are without doubt concerns you have to address as you are thinking about living the trawler lifestyle. Keep in mind, we always locate the best vessel for you, assist you in finding dockage and supply you free coaching on operating her.

But in the big scheme of things, these tend to be trivial problems. You will find many comparatively inexpensive trawlers and motor yachts readily available and dockage is easy to find. In fact, you may live on any boat I guess. We have got several slips in our yard open presently. The simplest and most inexpensive place to dock is, well, on the hook.

Sorry to say I notice that a lot of people wishing to be living the trawler lifestyle plain and simply choose to remain on a boat secured to a dock. Precisely why, I’m not sure, it’s expensive compared to living on land, $10.00-20.00 per foot.

Nevertheless living onboard a boat is only a small element of the larger picture; the larger part is:

Traveling – navigating into new waters checking out the brand new topography,

Cruising – just being underway has the sensation of relaxation,

Self-sufficiency – we produce our own power; make our very own cheese, bacon and butter,

Meeting new friends – seldom do we run into a boat owner we don’t like, and

The autonomy – the freedom you get while resting on the hook in a really far away location. In reality, you’re the person in charge!

Yes, living the trawler lifestyle is really a state of mind. Through taking advantage of everything, establishing that you in fact have all you need to prolong yourself along with your yacht offers you that positive sense of “see who’s running the show now”. You will rarely have any limits. The world will become your back door.

This takes me back to days as a boy being raised along the North Carolina Outer Banks. I recall the shoreline prior to any high-rise condo properties; when the North Carolina coastline was not developed and was pristine. I pretended that I was a 1700’s English voyager climbing on the enormous sand dunes. I’d glance out over the water and question what existed overseas. It was totally fascinating!

Spanish scholar Jose’ Ortega Gasset once aforesaid, “Tell me the land during which you reside, and I am going to tell you who you are”. That about covers it.


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