Fifty Shades Freed’s Dakota Johnson wields a GUN in heart-stopping trailer for new movie

The Fifty Shades star is part of an impressive ensemble cast for Bad Times at the El Royale, which releases on October 12.

She joins a dazzling line-up that also includes Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Jon Hamm, Caliee Spaeny, and Chris Hemsworth; directed by Drew Goddard.

Her character Emily Summerspring is seen at one point sporting an injured face, and at another grabbing a gun.

This all happens as the tension mounts in the promo, as characters are forced to face up to their dark pasts.

The premise of the film sees seven strangers – each with their own baggage and secrets – meeting at Lake Tahoe’s El Royale; a run-down hotel.

Over the course of one night, each of the guests will have a chance at redemption before “everything goes to hell”.

The likes of Tom Holland and Beyonce were both rumoured for involvement at various points, but neither is in the finished product.

Russell Crowe, Nick Offerman and Mark O’Brien will pop up in currently undisclosed roles.

Talking about when she first got the script, Johnson told /FILM: “I just loved the attention to detail across the board.

“Every character, and the language each character uses, and the detail and the storylines and the set descriptions and the music cues are so important.

“It’s so layered that I felt like every time I read the script I discovered so much more and it’s like most of the work is done for you when you’re building a character, which is so special.”

And on the ensemble filming process, she recalled: “We all would inter-twine with each-other and get a little taste of everything, and that was fun.

“None of us have seen the film so I’m anxious to see what everybody did when I wasn’t there!”

The star will also soon be seen in the horror remake Suspiria, due for release in November.

After that she’ll be seen in another horror – The Translation of Wounds – alongside Armie Hammer and Zazie Beetz, plus the adventure film The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Bad Times at the El Royale is out on October 12.