The Loading Bar WordPress Plugin


Try out The Loading Bar in a live environment first before you buy

The Loading Bar Plugin For WordPress

Add a Loading Bar for Your Whole Website

Does your website take a bit of time to load? Does your website look broken while it’s being loaded (even if it’s just for a split second)? Add a unique loading bar to it.

Install and activate The Loading Bar, then your site will get a loading screen that indicates the loading progress of your site. When your site is fully loaded, it’ll get shown to your visitors. What for? So that your users will be able to first see your site in all its glory. Not broken, no missing images.

Fully customize The Loading Bar to your liking. Choose your percentage label fonts, loading bar styles, fine tune locations, pick colors, and select cool page transitions that animate when your page finishes loading.

Check the live preview for a preview of how easy and flexible The Loading Bar is.

Full Feature Set

  • Choose from 5 loading bar styles,
  • Select from 22 cool page transitions,
  • Fully customize their locations, sizes and colors,
  • Includes 17 awesome animated gifs created by Pixel Buddha,
  • Choose specific pages where to show your loading screen,
  • Load once, when your visitors have previously loaded your page, the loading screen won’t be shown again,
  • Fade, rotate, push, move page transitions,
  • Fine tune the location of your loading bar,
  • Fine tune the location of your percentage label,
  • Unlimited colors,
  • Responsive,
  • Lightweight, doesn’t load anything if your page isn’t assigned the loading bar,
  • Works with any theme,
  • Very easy to use, instructions are provided for each setting,
  • Properly coded in WordPress standards,

Try out The Loading Bar in a live environment first before you buy

The Loading Bar Plugin For WordPress

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Version 1.6 – January 18, 2016

* Amended Titan Framework dependency with graceful error control, if the plugin does not detect it installed.
* You can now tweak the duration of the transition from loading bar to content.
* Added the ability to force scrolling of content via overflow if necessary. Some themes manipulate overflow and may cause The Loading Bar not to reinstate scrolling after loading.

Version 1.5 – November 27, 2015

* Enhancement: You can now make the loading bar to wait for custom stuff to load by dispatching tlb-wait and tlb-done events to the window object
* Enhancement: Posts can now be allocated for Loading Bar
* Enhancement: Now adds the ability to apply the loading bar to custom post types.
* Enhancement: New Custom Javascript field in settings
* Enhancement: Now better conforms to strict WordPress standards
* Fixed: VC fade animations showing up while prior to being animated
* Fixed: Make sure per-page or per-post loading bar assignment does not trigger in home pages.

Version 1.4 – August 29, 2015

* Titan Framework is no longer embedded, and you will need to install it before using the plugin
* You can now add a skip button that will show after a few seconds, new settings added for this
* Images used will not be affected by Jetpack's Photon image size discrepancy
* The loading bar can now be disabled for mobile devices
* Updated plugin file structure to support newer features
* Removed ratings notice in favor of a simplified pointer and a special section where license keys can be entered
* Added ability to autoupdate plugin
* Now stops themes from doing a body: visible !important

Version 1.3 – December 29, 2014

* Updated Titan Framework to 1.7.3
* Added an option to specify domains, used for image detection. Helpful for those who use CDNs and other image hosting services
* Added handling for same-page links
* Fixed bug where non-images were sometimes being detected as images
* Fixed bug where the loading bar sometimes does not complete in some set ups
* Fixed bug where pages with no images did not scroll properly
* Fixed a conflict with the classic loading bar style and bootstrap where the bars displayed vertically instead of horizontally
* Fixed other bootstrap conflicts

Version 1.2 – Sept 12, 2014

* Added compatibility mode - themes/sites that may have problems (flickering issues) can use this mode so that the plugin will use less HTML adjustments for its transitions
* Added load once option - enable so that visitors won't see the loading screen again for the same page
* Added loading delay option

Version 1.1 – Sept 3, 2014

* Fixed issue where defining GAMBIT_DISABLE_RATING_NOTICE doesn't remove the plugin notices
* Fixed issues with the loading bar not showing up
* Fixed compatibility issues with some themes where options were always being reset
* Filtered out duplicate image loads
* Better handling for visitors with slower connections (mobile browsing)

Version 1.0

* Initial release