Reddit DOWN: Fans are asking who broke Reddit as App issues are reported

Users of the “Front page of the internet” have been asking who broke Reddit today, following issues using the website’s popular app.

While it doesn’t look like a worldwide outage, fans are reporting that Reddit is down tonight in many countries.

Sites that track when popular apps run into server trouble are reporting an uptick in error reports.

“Guys help why can’t I Reddit, it’s been like 10 whole minutes,” one user writes.

While another adds: “Nothing is working for me; mobile site, apps, or desktop.”

It’s unclear what is causing tonight’s problems, or how long they might last.

However, an official message from the Reddit support accounts are expected within the hour if the outage continues on a widespread basis.

Some users are reporting that individual sections of Reddit are working and that only the main page is running into problems.

Others, however, say that problems continue on a lot of the Reddit website, in certain regions.