eBay: Rare 50p coin listed for £5,975 thanks to error – do you have a similar one?

Ebay is a treasure trove for those seeking out the rarest and most valuable coins.

The buying and selling website has countless coins listed, with rare 50p coins among the most sought after.

One rare 50p coin has been listed for the “Buy It Now” price of £5,975 on the platform.

The listing is titled: “2011 Royal Mint Olympics Swimming ERROR Fifty Pence 50p Carded – VERY RARE!”

The coin is listed by eBay user ukcoinco, who has a 99.9 per cent positive feedback rating on the site.

It is said to have an error on it which makes it more sought after.

In the design of the swimmer in water, the lines of the water seem to cover the swimmer’s face.

The description on the listing explains that the coin comes in its original presentation card.

It reads: “2011 Royal Mint Olympics Swimming ERROR Fifty Pence Piece 50p.

“The water lines run across the swimmers face. The coin comes sealed in its original Royal Mint presentation card.

“This is a genuine example, with a tiny mintage of 600!”

The Royal Mint explains some more information about this coin type.

It describes the design as: “A swimmer submerged in water, with the London 2012 logo above and the denomination, ’50 PENCE’, below.”

It also adds that the reverse design on the coin is a creation by Jonathan Olliffe, and it was first minted in 2011.

Another rare 50p coin, one of the Sir Isaac Newton 50p coins, is listed on eBay for the hefty sum of £350.

The listing, titled “2017 sir isaac newton 50p RARE coin”, also includes a “buy it now” price of £520 for the coin.

It is being sold by eBay user spudfin who has a 100 per cent positive feedback rating on the site.

The listing description reads: “Rare 50 pence coin please look at my other coins as I’ve been collecting for years and need a clear out.”

So how rare actually is this coin? The Change Checker website says it is the second lowest UK 50p coin in circulation.

It has a mintage of just 1,800,000, making it many times more rare than the 2017 Peter Rabbit coin which has a mintage of 19,300,000.