Virgin Media customers get huge speed boost but is it really worth £180 upgrade?

Virgin Media customers can now download movies, games and TV shows at much faster speeds thanks to the company’s latest upgrade.

The broadband supplier has just announced it’s rolling out a new 350Mbps service which will allow customers to download a 5GB movie file in matter of minutes.

Speaking about the launch Anthony Vollmer, Executive Director for Connectivity at Virgin Media, said: “We’ve always been proud of our network’s speed and for good reason. Our lines bring blazingly fast download speeds which are leagues ahead of those our customers could find elsewhere.

“We have been the speed leader since 2007: We intend to remain at the front of the pack.”

However, although these speeds sound impressive the service does come at a premium.

The standard price for VIVID 350 is £48 per month.

In comparison, the standard cost for Virgin’s VIVID 50 is just £26 per month.

The difference between these two services, over the 12 month contract, is £180 so it’s important to check that you really need the faster speeds.

“While these are undoubtedly blistering fast speeds it is unnecessary for an average user that doesn’t share a connection and doesn’t often download large files,” said Broadband Genie Editor, Matt Powell.

“For many people Virgin’s 50Mbps fibre package will be more than sufficient, and much cheaper.”

IF you’re not sure what difference the speeds make you can check out our table below which shows how much faster you’ll get your downloads.


50Mbps home speed – 14 minutes

100Mbps – 7 minutes

200Mbps – 3 minutes

350Mbps – 2 minutes


50Mbps home speed – 68 minutes

100Mbps – 34 minutes

200Mbps – 17 minutes

350Mbps – 10 minutes

It’s worth noting that Virgin Media currently has deals on all its broadband packages with reductions of £7 per month available for a limited time.