Austria and Hungary unite in WARNING to EU: Nations promise stronger ties over migration

The pair met with a view to forging closer ties in an increasingly divided European Union and to discuss border security and the Balkan migration route.

At a press conference after the talks, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said: “We must stop illegal migration in order to ensure safety across the bloc.”

He also said the quota scheme “isn’t working” and called for a new asylum-granting system. 

He continued: “We have to stop illegal immigration in order to ensure security in Europe. 

“I am glad that there has been a change in thinking in many European countries in recent years.” 

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the “biggest threat” today was the “mass exodus” to Europe. 

He added: “If we want Schengen, we have to close the external borders and open the internal borders, and today we want to open the external borders and close the internal borders.”

Mr Orban added: “When I say that the future needs to be protected I mean that we have a culture, a Christian culture… We have a way of life, and we want to protect this way of life.”

Mr Kurz said that Austria would continue to send security forces to Hungary to help them secure their border.

After the meeting he also tweeted Hungary was “an important neighbour” and Austria was “grateful for the cooperation” for the country.

He also highlighted the “common goals” both countries share – “to stop illegal migration and to strengthen the subsidiarily inside the EU”.

Mr Kurz added that he would put in efforts to strengthen “the EU’s solidarity and decrease tensions”.

Despite the move for closer relations with Austria and wanting to be a “bridge” between it and the Visegrad group, Mr Kurz ruled out Austria joining the V4 – Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland — and called it a “media debate.”

Before the meeting Mr Orban said: “We would like to make agreements with them. 

“The agreements should deal with migration, protecting Austria and Hungary and helping each other. I hope we manage to succeed.”

The Hungarian leader has rallied against European Union plans for migrant resettlement quotas and used it to criticise migrants from the Middle East.

Mr Kurz, lead his conservative party to victory in Austria’s October election striking a deal with the anti-immigration Freedom Party making Austria the only country to have a hard-right party in government. 

The core of his campaign was his hard stance on immigration.

Freedom Party leader and Vice Chancellor of Austria Heinz-Christian Strache has said Austria should move away from its usual western European allies like Germany and instead side with the Visegrad group of eastern European states.

Austria wants to limit the competences of Brussels to core areas such as security policy, he is also keen to ensure Brexit has no financial consequences for Austria as the nation is a net payer.