Pokemon Go news: Niantic announce BIG update for Gen 3 and Raid fans

Niantic have announced that they are rolling out a new update that’s sure to help all Pokemon Go Gen 3 trackers.

The development team have now confirmed that they will be releasing a new wave of Gym and Pokestop locations.

This is being done using Niantic’s older AR title, Ingress. Ingress Agents are able to submit new locations via the Operation Portal Recon program.

This also happens to affect Pokemon Go, with Niantic confirming that new locations will be popping up this week.

“With the help of Ingress Agents around the world using Operation Portal Recon, we’ve identified interesting new locations to play our games,” a message from the Niantic support team explains.

“We’re happy to say that many of these locations will also be added to @PokemonGoApp over the next few days.”

This could prove a huge boost to Gen 3 collectors and Raid players, especially in rural areas.

There’s already been reports of new Gyms popping up in smaller towns, meaning more chances of battling the best Pokemon.

Niantic recently added around Around 20 new Gen 3 Pokemon to catch, as part of the new Christmas event.

But what you might not know is that there’s also one new regional exclusive, as well as a shiny variant, available to be caught.

Trainers are now confirming that Relicanth is a New Zealand regional exclusive.

Relicanth has been compared to Omastar, both being water-rock types which are top choices for select Raids.

Niantic have not confirmed that Relicanth is an exclusive, although it appears impossible to currently grab the crustacean anywhere else in the world.

But while you may be a little disappointed that you’re missing out on Relicanth, you can always console yourself with a Delibird.

While not a Generation 3 Pokemon, Delibird is currently available to catch and comes with a fast attack which includes tossing gifts at its opponent.

A new Shiny Gen 3 Pokemon has also made its debut this week, with the Snorunt variant now confirmed to be available to catch.

This latest Gen 3 launch will probably mean big business for Niantic and their newly introduced Pokemon Star Piece item, which can be found as part of a selection of new bundles available from the in-game store.

The pieces mean you can earn a 50% Stardust bonus for 30 minutes when activated, not bad when your looking to power-up a new team.

As part of the Christmas event, Trainers can purchase Winter Boxes for 480 coins, Great Boxes for 780 coins and Ultra Boxes for 1480 coins.

Winter Boxes contain two lots of Incense, two Incubators and five Star Pieces. Great Boxes contain four Super Incubators, ten Razzberries and ten Star Pieces.

Ultra Boxes, meanwhile, contain a whopping 25 Star Pieces, as well as eight Super Incubators, ten Pinap Berries and ten Lure Modules.

Star Pieces are particularly useful, because they grant users double stardust from all situations for 30 minutes.