PUBG Xbox One update: HUGE Battlegrounds patch released – here’s EVERYTHING it does

PUBG has been given its first major update on , as Battlegrounds fans get a new patch to download.

The first ever Xbox One Battlegrounds patch weighs in at around 4.71GB, and can be downloaded right now.

Players are encouraged to restart their consoles once the patch is installed.

According to the patch notes, the new Battlegrounds update tweaks hair colour options, lets players use gas on bikes and cleans up a number of animations.

Arguably one of the better improvements is that player icons are now more visible on the world map.

The only bad news is that there’s no sign of the , which has a 2018 release date.

You can take a closer look at the Miramar Desert map below, before checking out the full list of patch notes…

The full list of Xbox One patch notes can be found below…


  • Gas can now be used while on bike or bike with sidecar


  • Equipment icons on HUD will now be visible
  • Player icon is now more clearly visible on the world map
  • UI prompts now appear when reload and enter a vehicle options are present


  • Tweaked hair color options


  • Cleaned up sidecar passenger animations in first person view
  • Fixed player camera issues while a passenger on the backseat of a Buggy
  • Addressed arm animations specific to holding some weapons
  • Character now correctly faces the proper direction when stopping while swimming