Star Wars Episode 9 working TITLE revealed? Last Jedi follow-up ‘is being called THIS’

The next movie, Episode 9 in the main saga, will see the key (surviving) characters from The Last Jedi continuing their plight to overthrow the First Order.

Now, it has been claimed that Episode IX has been given the working title of Black Diamond.

The revelation, courtesy of Fantha Tracks, also claims that the film is being produced under the business name of Carbonado Industries (UK) Ltd – Carbonado being the technical term for black diamond, the toughest form of natural diamond.

This, incidentally, is the same outlet that previously – accurately – revealed Red Cup to be the working title of next year’s Solo movie.

Very little is known about Episode IX at this stage, except that Carrie Fisher’s General Leia will not be seen in any capacity.

The actress sadly passed away almost a year ago, shortly after completing work on The Last Jedi.

Despite her estate seemingly given permission for her to be inserted into the story using CGI or archived footage, LucasFilm have decided that she will simply not appear at all.

It remains to be seen how General Leia’s exit will be explained on-screen.

In the meantime, we have Solo: A Star Wars Story to look forward to next spring.

That film, starring Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, has yet to so much as release a teaser trailer, after Ron Howard took over as director towards the end of production.

Star Wars 9 is out on December 20, 2019.