eBay: Rare 50p coin going for £4000 – could YOU have one hidden in your change?

The 50p coin features the much-loved Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit. 

This limited edition coin was produced by the Royal Mint last year to mark the 150th anniversary of the author’s birth. 

There are two versions of the Peter Rabbit 50p coin like this available – on in colour and one in silver. 

This one shows a headshot of the furry critter with his name by his ears. 

The specific Peter Rabbit 50p coin selling for a hefty sum on eBay is described as being “very rare”, and the seller’s reason why is down to a print error. 

In the product description, the seller writes: “This coin has a print error so the print is off centre, so there is exposed silver on the side and bottom of the print and on the ear, also print has carried over onto the right side of the jacket onto the coin face. 

“These coins are rare and valuable and are gaining in price everyday. 

“I have no seen another 2016 Peter Rabbit error coin as the design was so simple, printing could not be messed up. 

“This is a one and only coin like this and it is because of this it is very rare and valuable. Who knows what it could be worth one day.” 

There are currently six potential buyers watching the con on eBay, and with 22 days still to go, keen coin collectors have time to get their hands on it. 

Another rare 50p coin featuring Peter Rabbit has been selling for over 100 times the price

It is currently being sold on eBay for a whopping £5,400. 

Other 50p coin designs could make make a lucky few a mint. 

Listed on eBay by seller ‘lukvalentin4’, a Kew gardens 50p was being sold for £3,500 at the beginning of December

The particular coin had a minting error, the seller explained. 

Describing the coin, they said: “Out of the 210,000 circulated Kew Gardens 50p coins how many have minting errors?

“This coin is missing the boarder on the face side under the words ‘fifty pence’ and has two weak printed boarders on the reverse side above the tower.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to own not only one of the rarest circulated coins in the UK but also a rare of the rarest coin with minting errors.”