Bali volcano news update: Residents REFUSE to leave Mount Agung area – ERUPTION IMMINENT

Villagers around the are refusing to leave despite warnings of an “imminent” larger eruption, with the state of emergency extended to at least December 10.

Mount Agung’s hazard zone means that up to 100,000 people are being forced evacuate the area around the crater but only 43,000 people have followed the order.

Bali farmers working on the land surrounding Mount Agung believe they must stay in the hazard zone despite requests from the Government to leave. 

Cattle Farmer Wayan Sweca told Al Jazeera: “If somebody manages to convince my people to come down, I’ll do everything to help. 

“At least I won’t be accused of violating the Government’s instructions. I really support the Government’s efforts but I love my people very much.”

Farmers say they will only leave the Bali volcano danger zone if their animals will be taken care of.

 farmer Wayan Sudi said: “It’s very difficult to evacuate our cattle, especially because there is no food for our cows down there. This time of year it’s hard to find food anywhere. We don’t have money to buy it for them. 

Financial pressures may force some residents to go home before the Mount Agung danger zone has ceased.  

Mount Agung was seen emitting gas and steam on Thursday, rather than dark plumes of volcanic ash. Volcanologist Dr Janine Krippner warned that this does not mean the Bali volcano’s eruption period has ended. 

Tweeting a photo of the Mount Agung, she said: “No, this does not mean it is over. Fluctuations in activity are a normal part of the life of volcanoes.”

Dr Krippner later reported that the plume was thickening. 

The last major eruption from Mount Agung was in 1963, killing approximately over a thousand people who lived in the communities surrounding the Bali volcano.