Haunting video shows creepy carcass of a great white shark floating in formaldehyde

Just when you thought it was safe to go into an abandoned building a terrifying video has emerged showing the body of a 16-foot-long great white shark floating inside a tank of formaldehyde.

Bathed in an eerie green glow, the dreaded denizen of the deep was filmed by YouTuber and urban explorer Luke McPherson in the Australian state of Victoria.

As the dimly lit video shows, Mr McPherson makes his way inside the deserted park towards a storage area littered with debris.

Looming in the background however is an enormous tank which it turns out holds the remains of the massive man-eating predator.

In fact, the shark, which was given the slightly less terrifying name of Rosie, is well-known in Australia as she was preserved after being found dead in tuna fishing nets in 1998.

After being put on display the shark and her surroundings fell into disrepair after the park where she was held was reportedly closed down in 2012 by the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Mr McPherson’s video, posted under his YouTube name Lukie Mc, has had more than 17 million views since it was posted online.

Thankfully Rosie now has a new home at Crystal World Exhibition Centre where she is being lovingly restored after years of neglect and decay.

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Rosie received constant monitoring and injections of glycerol into the exposed parts of her carcass until her tank was completely filled again with a preservative.

The great white shark, carcharodon carcharias, can live for more than 70 years and are the largest speices of mackerel shark. They can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh over 4,400lbs.

An apex predator, the females are usually larger than the males, and the sharks prey on a variety of creatures, including seals, dolphins, turtles, fish and even sea otters. 

They have few natural enemies except for dangers from human fishing and hunting and some recorded cases of predation from orca whales. 

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source: express.co.uk