Man Utd coach Benni McCarthy details huge dedication players are putting in for Ten Hag

Manchester United coach Benni McCarthy has detailed the commitment made by the Red Devils’ players under Erik ten Hag. The South African has been left amazed by the ‘dedication’ of the squad this season, despite a mid-season slump ruining their Premier League title chances. 

McCarthy spoke of one example when United had returned from a long away trip late one night. Despite the travelling, the players arrived for training at 8am the next morning and some spent all day at the Carrington complex. 

Members of the squad were still present at 4pm later that day. McCarthy believes it exemplifies the commitment and dedication displayed by the United players this season. 

“It was actually an early morning, 8am, after playing a game yesterday. I think four o’clock was the latest time when the last players were parting ways from the training ground,” the former Blackburn striker told iDisk Times. 

“And that’s almost half the day gone, after having played last night and travelling back from an away game. So yeah, it’s a long day but that shows you the dedication that these people, these players, have to want to succeed, to be the best, and amongst the best in the world. 

“And to be part of that mentality, it’s just so refreshing for the mind, for the brain, that you have that opportunity to work with such personalities.”

McCarthy was brought in as striker’s coach last summer by Ten Hag. The 45-year-old admits he has been like a ‘sponge’ when learning from the former Ajax manager. 

“I want to learn as much as I can from this manager. He has such humility,” he continued. “He is humble, he is incredible, just like a complete gentleman in the game. And he is top, top, top, top-notch in terms of tactics, in terms of the way you want to play. And he has a clear vision, what he has in store for the team.