Two Years On And Battlefield 2042 Is Finally The Squad Shooter Fans Deserve

REDGUM4m ago

I disagree about the bullet sponge comment as it feels way to fast/COD like to me making there no point in being in a squad at all and most are running around solo gunmen/women from what I feel from the game. Battlefield for me has always been about the teamwork & the need for team play but this game, similarly to B5, feels too mainstream and ‘just another shooter’ now.
Battlefield Bad Company & Battlefield 4 was where it was at it’s peak for me. It’s just changed so/too much now and have lost interest entirely. Sad, for me, as Battlefield has always been my go to online shooter till the last 2 entries into the series. If there’s no teamwork in these games then I’m out & might as well be playing COD (which is fine I might add) but I played Battlefield for the point of difference as there is none now bar the bigger arena’s.

Please bring back what made Battlefield good innthe 1st place, teamwork, destruction & most importantly make it fun again! Oh and give us a damn campaign to play please.