Love Island's India Reynolds says she became lonelier than ever after rocketing to fame

Love Island’s India Reynolds says becoming well-known cut her off from her pals and made her unhappy. Now the model and influencer is determined to use her celebrity status to help young people who are isolated.

Almost one in ten 16 to 34-year-olds either often or always feels lonely, ­government figures have shown.

The reality star, 32, rose to fame on the summer 2019 series of Love Island.

But she found it meant friendships were neglected. She said: “For me the worst time of loneliness was the first time I came out of Love Island – I was so busy on shoots.

“I was surrounded by so many people but despite this I felt like I didn’t have anyone to confide in.

“I became scared of saying things and worried about where it might go. Fame isolated me.

“I realised I needed to spend more time with friends and I didn’t need to spend as much time with the managers and the fame I wanted to portray.”

Today she still suffers bouts of ­loneliness, but these are short-lived.

She said: “I work from home and live on my own and by Wednesday I can start to feel a bit lonely. I get together with my friends every Thursday.”

Easy access to the digital world had made things worse for youngsters, she said.

India added: “They spend so much time on their phones continuously ­looking at other people’s lives online and comparing themselves to that.

“Those who are feeling lonely could consider going to a shared workspace to work with other people – or join a sports team or club.”