Queen Camilla 'keeps people guessing' with style choices as she channels Meghan Markle

Queen Camilla’s gold choker drew similarities to a necklace seen on Meghan Markle months before. For her interview with Variety magazine back in October 2022, Meghan donned a chunky gold choker for the magazine’s front cover.

Fashion expert and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder noted that Camilla’s necklace was different to the type of jewellery she usually wears, and thus demonstrated that the Queen Consort’s style has changed a lot in recent months.

She told Express.co.uk: “Camila’s style has definitely had a more regal upgrade in recent months, as she gets ever nearer to the throne.

“But, despite this, the Queen Consort still likes to keep us guessing with a few more unusual sartorial choices, proving that she refuses to be pigeon-holed in any way, both through her fashion choices and in her future role as Queen.”

Miranda went on to analyse Camilla’s choker, saying: “Camilla recently surprised us with an unusual choice of necklace for one of her appointments.

“Instead of wearing the more traditional royal jewellery, laden with precious stones and symbolism, she wore a thoroughly modern chunky gold necklace.

“The necklace was short, almost choker length, apparently made of Welsh gold and had many tiny links, giving it a fluid quality almost resembling the movements of a snake.

“Although this gave Camilla’s outfit a very contemporary feel, my guess is that it is an old sentimental piece belonging to Camilla, as this style was particularly popular in the 1980s and had now come back into fashion again.

“The piece at first glance bears a strong resemblance to the gold choker Meghan Markle wore on the cover of Variety, proving that striking pieces such as this are utterly timeless and suit a range of styles.

“Both necklaces are simple and striking, but, on closer inspection, Meghan’s jewellery looks like it’s one solid piece of metal, as opposed to Camilla’s snake chain.

“In terms of value, without knowing the full construction and materials of Meghan’s piece it’s hard to tell, but my money would be on Camilla’s necklace being more expensive, which would fit in with it being an heirloom piece.”

Diamond expert Maxwell Stone of jewellers Steven Stone previously analysed Camilla’s necklace and estimated its price too.

He said: “Camilla appears to be wearing an 18k yellow gold necklace.

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“It’s likely that it is made from Welsh gold, which gives it a sentimental touch as Welsh gold is famously used in the wedding rings of the British Royal Family – a tradition that began in 1923.

“Originating as gold mined in Wales, Welsh gold is perhaps the rarest gold in the world. With this in mind, I’d estimate Camilla’s necklace to be worth £16,750.

For the interview, Camilla also wore dangling earrings, which were gold too. She completed her look with a few bracelets around her wrist and a pair of suede heels.

As for Meghan’s Variety cover, it was more difficult to pinpoint the Duchess’ necklace.

Like Camilla’s, it seemed expensive and to have been made of real gold.

Meghan combined the jewel with a black dress and minimal, natural-looking make-up.

She wore lashings of black mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and a subtle pink lipstick.

The Duchess completed her look with her hair swept back in a high ponytail.

source: express.co.uk