Lenovo LOQ Gives Laptop Gamers a Cheaper Premium Option – Video

Lenovo LOQ Gives Laptop Gamers a Cheaper Premium Option

Speaker 1: If there’s one thing I love more than being at a funky cocktail lounge, it’s being at one where there’s a bunch of cool new laptops and if I love something more than that, it’s having gaming laptops. And if there’s something I love more than a new gaming laptop, it’s a new budget gaming laptop. In fact, sometimes a new budget gaming laptop is so interesting, they should just make up an entirely new product line for it. And that is what is happening right here. This is the Lenovo Locke, L O Q, which is different than Lenovo’s Legion Line, which is their mainstream gaming line. The lock [00:00:30] line has a lot of the same stuff but is more budget oriented, which is frankly something everybody is looking for these days. It brings in a lot of the Legion dna, but not everything. For example, uh, the gps only go up to an Nvidia RTX 40 60.

Speaker 1: That’s the top end. Whereas a more fancy gaming laptop, that would kind of be almost the starting point and the keyboard lighting its zone, it’s not per key. But other than that, this really does look and feel a lot like the Ringer Legion line, which I like a lot. Much like that [00:01:00] Legion line, you’re gonna find a lot of ports and connections on the back, a few on the sides. I do appreciate that modern gaming laptops, not just this one, even though they usually use their own proprietary power connectors can also charge through u s bbc. That’s gonna take longer obviously if you want to get it ready to uh, run the G and play games. But I do appreciate having that option. So the Lock L oq is gonna be available in 15 and 16 inch sizes and it’s gonna be AMD flavors and Intel flavors.

Speaker 1: And actually both of them are gonna start at $900. You’re gonna have to pay a little bit more to get that [00:01:30] RTX 40 80 like I have in this version right here. And they go up to 16 gigs of Ram and 32 gigabytes of storage. But again, all those upgrades are gonna cost extra if you’re trying to figure out whether you should get the 15 inch model, the 16 inch model, cuz they’re obviously very close. The 16 inch is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. The 15 inch is a 16 by nine aspect ratio. Both of them, however, go up to, uh, 1 65 hertz. So that’s a little bit more than you would get in just the, you know, lowest end of budget gaming laptops, the various sizes and configurations, 15 inch, [00:02:00] 16 inch A D Intel, they’re coming out on a rolling basis, starting in April and some models in May and some in June. Uh, and they start both on the Intel side and the AMD side at $900.

source: cnet.com