Unlucky, Android fans! ChatGPT has landed on your Apple Watch and its better than Siri

An exclusive app has just landed on your Apple Watch and it is bound to make Android smartwatch users jealous. ChatGPT is the AI chatbot that has taken the tech world by storm in recent months. Made by San Fransisco-based Open AI and recently bought by Microsoft, it can answer almost any question or request you throw at it in seconds.

And its answers are far from one-liners, but incredibly comprehensive responses. These can go as far as an answer to an essay question or written out song lyrics in the style of your favourite artist.

Now, this powerful chatbot is available on your Apple Watch so you can bark complex commands at your device and not be disappointed with the results.

It comes after it jumped to iOS as a third-party app.

But if you only have an iPhone, you will still have to rely on Siri for now as it is an Apple Watch exclusive.

While the app does function in a similar way to Siri, it is thought to be much more powerful. It has been dubbed Petey – AI Assistant but is listed as Modum B.V. on the App Store.

Voice assistants like Siri are known to have limited uses and you need to ask it a very specific question if you want a proper response. While ChatGPT is much more powerful, Petey is still a work in progress as new features keep being added.

But there is a lot to work with at present.

For instance, it can respond to your questions in 14 different languages from German and Italian to Japanese.

The app can also be set as a complication on the Apple Watch’s face for fast access. It also comes with a tiny, on-screen keyboard so you can type in your questions if you don’t feel like talking to it.

You can also share responses with other people “via text, email, or social media”.

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Tech blogger John Gruber, who has tested out the app, wrote in a blog post: “I’ve been using it for a week or so and it’s occasionally been genuinely handy, especially if you keep it on an easily-accessed watch face complication.

“With other devices, you can just search the web for answers to questions. Oftentimes, when you ask a question to Siri, you get redirected to a web search.

“But if all you have handy at the moment is your watch, a web search is useless. Petey gives good answers to a lot of questions. I dig the simple aesthetic too — using SF Mono for the type gives the app an appropriately robotic feel.”

The app was developed by Hidde van de Ploeg and was originally supposed to be called WatchGPT. But the App Store is cracking down on apps that have “GPT” in their names, forcing a name-change.

It costs $4.99 (about £4) on the App Store and your Apple Watch needs to be running on watchOS 9 or upwards for it to work. If you have an Android smartwatch, you are out of luck as the developer has said there are no plans for an Android version any time soon.

source: express.co.uk