'I’m a professional cleaner and there are five products I will never use in my house'

Ileana is a professional housecleaner who is popular on social media thanks to her advice on the best methods and products to use for cleaning your home. She has shared the cleaning products she refuses to clean with.

Ileana from Los Angeles, California, said: “I’m a professional house cleaner, and I’m gonna tell you the products that I will never have in my cleaning caddy.”

In a TikTok video, Ileana takes to the supermarket aisles to show viewers her least favourite products. Her first “controversial” opinion on a cleaning product that she would never use is Fabuloso, which is a multi-purpose cleaner. Ileana explained she did not like the cleaner as it is “too strong and not a disinfectant.”

The professional cleaner went on: “Another controversial one is vinegar.” She explained: “It is not safe on all surfaces, and can actually cause damage on certain stones.”

Vinegar is very effective at breaking down grease and grime because of its acid, but it is important to do a patch test or some research before using it as a cleaner. Countertops, flooring, and electronic screens should never be cleaned with vinegar.

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Another cleaning product Ileana dislikes is ammonia. She said: “The smell is just too harsh, and the cons outweigh the pros.”

Ammonia is a harsh chemical found in a lot of cleaning products, and is super effective at breaking down many hard-to-clean stains such as cooking grease or wine strains, but is also highly toxic. According to the New York Government Health department, ammonia solutions concentrated with most industrial cleaners may cause injuries.

Low exposure can cause skin or eye irritation but large exposure to a higher concentration of ammonia can cause injuries such as skin burns, permanent eye damage or even blindness.

Ileana then showed another product she dislikes, which is Pine Sol, which is a multi-purpose cleaner used to clean grease and heavy soil stains based on pine oil. She said she did not like this particular brand as it has an “overwhelming” scent and explained a lot of her clients simply do not like the strong smell.

The professional cleaner then showed the “last but definitely not least” product she will not use, and that is bleach. She said: “anything with bleach in it, you will not see me use, or have in my cabby.”

People in Ileana’s video comment section shared their own opinions on the cleaning products. One woman named Jane said: “I only use ammonia when I clean windows, mirrors and chandelier crystals.”

Another person found the cleaner’s opinion of vinegar shocking, and said: “Vinegar??? So many people use vinegar diluted. It can be very useful if used the right way.” Ileana replied and wrote: “Correct! IF used right and so many don’t know how to use it.”

Some commentators found the professional cleaner’s advice controversial One comment said: “I wouldn’t want you to clean for me” while somebody else wrote: “I like the smell of cleaners that actually last all day. I love Pinesol!”

However, some people agreed with the professional cleaner’s opinion. Another user, who also appeared to be a cleaner, wrote: “You named all the ones I hate! I agree and don’t have any of these in my cleaning caddy” to which Ileana replied: “Great minds think alike.”

source: express.co.uk